EAJS ANNUAL COLLOQUIUM: Books within Books - New Discoveries in Old Book Bindings

Thursday May 19, 2011
Wolfson College, Oxford - 18th - 20th July 2011

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EAJS Colloquium

Books within Books – New Discoveries in Old Book Bindings

Wolfson College, Oxford 18th – 20th July 2011

It has been known for many years that medieval Hebrew manuscript fragments have been reused, and thus preserved, in the bindings of books and archival files.  In recent years this corpus – sometimes called the ‘European Genizah’ – has demonstrated its variety, importance and strong research potential (e.g. Emanuel, 1997; Perani, 1997).

The EAJS Colloquium ‘Books within Books 2011’ offers an opportunity for concerted, international and interdisciplinary research on this corpus. The newly organized network project “Books within books: Hebrew Fragments in European Libraries” deals simultaneously with a systematic inventory, detailed descriptions and an assessment of conservation. Moreover, this project enlists these new sources to contribute to major European cultural and historical issues.

The two-day colloquium will offer the opportunity for the presentation of new discoveries from all over Europe, and for discussion of new ways of cataloguing fragments. We will also try to identify where further Hebrew fragments may be found.

Colloquium Programme

Monday 18th July 2011

14:00               Arrival and check in

18:30               Opening Dinner

19:45-20:30         Introduction: Ginze Europe – The state of Research and new Developments. Prof. Dr. Andreas Lehnardt (Mainz)

20:30-21:15         Carta pecudina literis hebraicis scripta. The Awareness of the Binding Hebrew Fragments in History: An Overview and a Plaidoyer. Dr.  Saverio Campanini (Paris)

Tuesday 19th July 2011

08h45-09h20         Ginze Yerushalayim – Hebrew Binding fragments in the Jewish National Library Jerusalem. Dr. Abraham David (Jerusalem)

09h25-10h00         The first Autograph of the Tosaphists from the European Genizah. Prof. Dr. Simha Emanuel (Jerusalem)

10h05-10h40         Fragments of Medieval Halakhic Works in Girona. Dr. Pinhas Roth (Jerusalem)

10h45-11h20         Reconstruction of a Sefer Haftarot from the Rhine Valley. Dr. Judith Kogel (Paris)

—- Coffee —

11h40-12h15         Rare fragments from Yemen. Dr. Michael Krupp (Jerusalem)

12h20-12h55         A list of books discovered in Munich specimens. Dr. Elodie Attia (Mainz)

—- Lunch —-

14h05-14h40         The newly found Hebrew fragments in the Russian State Library. Dr. Alina Lisitsina (Moscow)

14h45-15h20         Diagnostics and chemical analysis as interpretative skills for manuscripts. Dr. Luca Baraldi (Modena)

15h25-16h00         Hebrew Fragments in a Regional Perspective: Reconstructing the Book Culture of Jews in Medieval Moravia. Dr. Tamas Visi (Olomouc)

— Coffee —

16h20-16h55         Economic Hebrew Fragments of Arxiu Històric de Girona. Dr. Esperança Valls (Gerona)

17h00-17h35         Fragments as Objects: Medieval Austrian Fragments in the Jewish Museum Vienna. Prof. Dr. Martha Keil (Wien)

—– Dinner —–

—– End of the Day —–

Wednesday 20th July 2011

09h15-09h50         Documents on Jewish Economic Activity in the 14th-16th centuries from the Italian Genizah. Prof. Dr. Mauro Perani (Ravenna)

09h55-10h30         Specimens of Jewish Deathbed Bequests (15th C. Spain). Dr. Javier Castano (Madrid)

—- Coffee —-

10h45-11h20         Hebrew Manuscript Fragments in Switzerland. Dr. Justine Isserles (Genève)

11h25-12h00         ‘With two letters two worlds were created’ – A fragment on the Hebrew letters from Genizat Germania. Dr. Saskia Dönitz (Berlin)

12h05-12h40         Fragments of Jewish-Christian relations: the Alpha Beta de Ben Sira of Durham. Prof. Dr. Judith Schlanger (Paris)

—- Lunch —-

—– End of the Conference —–

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